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31735 Oak Road
Purdy, MO 65734-6200

Dog Breeder & Kennel from Purdy, Missouri

Pin Oak Kennels in Purdy, Missouri, is a reputable dog breeder and independent kennel specializing in French
bulldog and Yorkshire terrier puppies.

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Healthy Breeding
With more than two decades of experience providing breeding services and healthy puppies to families across the nation, Pin Oak Kennels is one of the most respected dog breeders in the United States.

Having built a reputation for beautiful dogs and impeccable treatment toward animals, you can rest assured our staff has your best interest and the interest of all our animals at heart.

Kennel Services & Supports 

• French Bulldogs
• Yorkshire Puppies
• Designer Breeds
• Nationwide Shipping
• Microchipping


For the Love of Dog
Having always had pets on our farm we decided to begin providing families with beautiful pets. Taking the time to properly research breeding and animal care, we launched ourselves as breeders and have been placing healthy puppies with families ever since.

Family Owned & Operated
Our farm allows us the opportunity to provide 24-hour care to all of our animals as well as ensure their surroundings are ideal, guaranteeing your puppy comes to you healthy and ready to play. Over the 13 years we have been in business, we have had families visit us more than once, coming to get another dog or simply to let us know how their pups are coming along. We love what we do and are happy to help place a beautiful puppy into your loving home.

Contact us in Purdy, Missouri, for more information about French Bulldogs or our puppy shipping services.

Hours of Operation: Open Daily, 8 a.m.–10 p.m. CST | Service Area: Nationwide
Awards/Recognitions: One of Seven Kennels in Missouri with a Blue Ribbon Rating
Associations: Missouri Pet Breeders Association, America's Pet Registry, American Kennel Club